Miller’s Service Featured in Onsite Installer Magazine

To Jamie Miller, the inconvenience of responding to an after-hours call is an opportunity for growth. Delivering whatever service is needed every hour of every day makes Miller’s Septic Service different from every other onsite business in its service territory. Matching the level of response to the level of need, Miller deploys his company’s resources … Read moreMiller’s Service Featured in Onsite Installer Magazine

Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems (AOSS)

Alternative septic systems share similar components to conventional systems, but differ in that they have some type of secondary method of treatment that further purifies the effluent before discharging to the soil. Alternative systems also differ in that they often have more mechanical and technical components that do require regular maintenance and monitoring to be … Read moreAlternative Onsite Sewage Systems (AOSS)

When Does Your Septic Tank Need to Be Pumped

When you live out in the country or in rural areas, city sewer systems are usually not available.  Individual septic systems are used instead.  These systems can provide reliable service if properly maintained and will provide reliable service for years, however with these systems they do need to be pumped out.  How can you tell … Read moreWhen Does Your Septic Tank Need to Be Pumped